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Sock Sizes Explained... Finally!

About Sock Sizes

Have you ever wondered what the 9-11 or 10-13 means on women's and men's socks?

These sock sizes represent how many inches long your foot is!

Each brand has some wiggle room in how they size their socks - one brand's 9-11 may fit slightly different sizes than another's.  Please check the online description of the sock you are interested in, as we make an effort to include the exact shoe sizes there.


Women's Sock Sizes

Women's sock size is usually presented on sock packaging as "Sock Size 9-11." This usually translates to a woman's U.S. shoe size 5-10.

{ European 36-41 / UK 3-8 }


Men's Sock Sizes

Men's sock size is usually presented on sock packaging as "Sock Size 10-13." This usually translates to a man's U.S. shoe size 8-12.5.

{ European 42-46, UK 7-12 }


Kids' Sock Sizes

  • Big Kids' sock sizes: Typically range between shoe size 1-5 and ages 7-10. Many kids start to fit into women's socks at about age 10.  If the big kid you have in mind is tall, or has rather large feet for her/his age, then just skip right on to women's socks (much larger selection). Shop our big kids socks.

  • Little Kids' sock sizes: Range between shoe size 8-13 and ages 3-6.  Shop our little kids socks.
  • Toddlers' sock sizes are for shoe size 4-7 and ages 1-2 years old (12-24 months). If the toddler you have in mind is on the smaller side, then maybe keep using the babies' size (they'll grow!), and if the toddler is a tusker (strapping/burly), then go ahead and move into the kids' sizes. Shop our toddler socks.

  • Babies' sock sizes are for newborns up to about 12 months old.  With some exceptions, a sock designed for a newborn will not likely fit on a 6 month old.  Baby socks usually come in tiers: 0-6 months old, and then 6-12 months old.  Keep in mind how fast these little munchkins are growing and changing! When in doubt, go bigger, allowing the baby to grow into the sock.  When the baby outgrows the sock, the socks make awesome Xmas tree decorations, earrings, change purses, cat socks, cell phone covers, chihuahua toe warmers ... up-cycle!  Shop baby socks.

    What about wide calves?

    Have you ever measured the circumference of your calf? That's OK, I didn't either until recently, when a customer asked about which knee high socks would fit around her muscular calves. Here's a breakdown of stretchiness:

    Knee Highs:

    • Most knee high socks can fit around a calf circumference of 6 inches to approximately 18 inches (15 cm - 45 cm).
    • Wide Calf socks can fit up to a 21 inch (53 cm) circumference.
    • Pattern makes a difference! The simpler the pattern, the stretchier the sock. 
    • Please contact us with questions:

      Ankle widths:

      • Many people simply do not like the feeling of a tight band at their ankle, even though this is often necessary to keep a sock from sagging. The best option for a comfortable non-binding sock that won't sag = comfort-top socks. They are elasticized throughout the sock, which means they do not require a band at the top.

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