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Our Story

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here at the sock drawer, we’re all about the little things that brighten your day! 

Our goal is to add a touch of joy to your life, either by finding you the perfect fun socks that just crack you up, by chatting with you on a personal level or by writing you a quick note to slip into your online order. We know that putting a spring in your step will help you radiate that joy to others!

This was the goal our founder Brooke English, the original sock fairy, had in mind when she opened a small sock store in her hometown of San Luis Obispo, California, in 2007. The store thrived in the community, and when she took her vision online in 2011, everybody wanted in!

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The Sock Drawer is now one of the largest online sock companies in the world, offering hundreds of styles that Brooke and her team of kooky, cheerful sock fairies hand-pick from the best sock brands based on the eclectic style needs of our amazing customers.

In early 2020, Brooke and the team decided to add more than just socks to the drawer! We now happily offer an ever-changing variety of fun gift items, such as sassy dish towels, desk accessories and more. We know that many of our beloved customers come to us to shop for gifts, and these joyful lifestyle products have been a great addition to our lineup. We’ve also started making our own custom socks for large groups and brands.

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Still based in San Luis Obispo and employing more than a dozen full-time sock fairies and many more seasonal workers, The Sock Drawer gives back to local organizations supporting women, children, animals and the environment and creates a positive, supportive atmosphere for employees.

You can read more about our mission as a company and the values we use to make all of our choices here.




Have you seen us in the media? We’re proud to have been featured in a wide variety of print and online publications over the years, as our fun products are frequently highlighted in style media and gift guides! We’ve also been featured often by local media and even the likes of Forbes for our strong business practices. 


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We’re also members of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, and we have been named as an official Great Place to Work!


our original shop

Now closed, our downtown San Luis Obispo boutique was where the magic all started. Brooke opened the store in 2007, and she quickly connected with the community. The tiny space was often packed with local regulars and out-of-towners looking for gifts and mementos, and the store buzzed with the warmth and familiarity of a friend’s home.


The Sock Drawer shop, now closed


In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brooke and her team made the heartbreaking choice to close the store permanently. As the experience of the retail world changes, we feel both grateful that we have already made a strong transition to online e-retail and saddened to close the doors on a brick-and-mortar store that brought as much joy to the community as it did to us sock fairies. Things we miss most: Farmers Market on warm evenings, hosting Art After Dark events, creating beautiful window displays and the dreamy atmosphere the shop had during the holidays.

As has been the case since we opened our online branch in 2011, we aim to bring the same feelings of warmth, community and connection here to We happily offer free shipping in our local area, and we still feel very much a part of the bustling, supportive SLO business scene. And SLOcals, don’t worry — our iconic leg lamp is still glowing brightly at our warehouse!


the story continues!

Most of all, our story is about our fun products and the way all you amazing people out there connect with them. We look at each of our customers as part of our sock family, a quirky group of colorful optimists who spread the spirit of fun and funky socks and gifts into the world. 

Want to get to know us better? Contact us! We can’t wait to talk. For now, we invite you to come and explore the drawer!


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