The Sock Drawer

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Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind the socks! Our team of dazzling sock fairies is here to help you find the perfect pairs to brighten your day.

Brooke English

  • Founder & CEO
    Three images of The Sock Drawer's CEO & Owner, Brooke English, smiling and making a silly face in front of a bright blue backdrop

Brianna Mallory

  • Marketing Director
    Brianna Mallory Marketing Director at The Sock Drawer

Cindy Johnson

  • General Manager
    Cindy Johnson General Manager at The Sock Drawer

Ashley MacKirdy

  • Buyer
    Ashley MacKirdy Buyer at The Sock Drawer

Jennifer Wright

  • Content Editor & Strategist
    Jennifer Wright Content Strategist & Editor at The Sock Drawer

Jessica Tringali

  • Graphic Designer
    Jessica Tringali Graphic Designer at The Sock Drawer

Katie Rabbit

  • E-Commerce & Customer Care Specialist
    Katie Rabbit at The Sock Drawer

Josette Olivera-Sanson

  • Marketing & E-Commerce Associate
    Josette Olivera-Sanson Marketing Associate at The Sock Drawer

Kathy Drazsnzak

  • Marketing & Fulfilment Associate
    Kathy Drazsnzak Fulfilment & Marketing Associate at The Sock Drawer


  • SEO & E-Commerce Specialist
    Lindsay SEO & E-Commerce Specialist at The Sock Drawer


  • Social Media & Project Manager
  • NEW SOCK FAIRY! Fun photos coming soon!

Sock fairy Rylee