Women's Luxury Socks

As if you needed to be reminded to treat yo’self! Welcome to the lavish side of the sock world, where cashmere and Merino wool socks rule and comfort reigns. These top-quality socks also feature great patterns that don’t sacrifice style for comfort! Explore The Sock Drawer’s collection of fun luxury socks, and remember one thing: You deserve it.

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Native American pattern crew socks in turquoise
Pink Merino wool socks with a colorful, spiky pattern
Cool Cozy Cabin Wool Socks for Women by Smartwool
Jovian Stripe Cool Wool Socks for Women, in light grey
Margarita Wool Socks | Womens
Fun Camp House Wool Socks for Women
Popcorn Cable Awesome Wool Sock for Women, in desert purple
Cool Charley Harper Glacial Bay Finch Novelty Socks for Women

Charley Harper Glacial Bay Finch Wool Socks | Womens

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Merino wool fern leaf socks in dark red
Saturnsphere Wool Socks | Womens
Awesome Birkie Wool Socks for Women
Awesome Diamond Royale Wool Socks for Women
Metallic Optic Frills Awesome Wool Knee High Sock, in Charcoal
Awesome Novelty Wool Popcorn Cable Knee High Socks for Women
Awesome Novelty Bloom Botanical Socks for Women

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