Women's Animal Socks

Somewhere deep in the sock drawer, your spirit animal awaits! Whether you adore dogs, cats, fish, birds, sloths, unicorns or just about any other wild beast, we’ve got the perfect animal socks for you. Some have tried to tame your style, but we would never want to quiet your primal side! Let your inner animal roar!

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Colorful Hen Farm Themed Socks for Women, red

Women's Hen House Socks | Womens


Funny hungry wolf ankle socks that say “Hangry”

Women's Hangry Socks | Womens


indigo cat socks by laurel burch
Cute unicorn carousel socks

Women's Carousel Socks | Womens


red panda in lime awesome animal socks

Women's Red Panda Socks | Womens


Fun Flamingo Animal Socks for Women, in lime

Women's Flamingo Socks | Womens


Cool pug dog socks where they have wings, as “Pugasuses”

Women's Pugasus Socks | Womens


cool elephant animal socks in yellow by Socksmith
hedgehog fun animal socks for women, in gold

Women's Hedgehog Socks | Womens


Fun mismatched hedgehog socks where they’re carrying apples