The Sock Drawer

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Men's Funny Socks

Hilariously Funny Socks for Men

Long gone are the days of boring crew socks or dress socks. Instead, guys can rock a pair of our silly socks for men to make themselves, their colleagues and friends laugh out loud. The Sock Drawer has a huge collection of varying styles and humorous patterns, from animal socks, like our dog socks donning a scientific labrador, aka a “science lab,” to even outlandish options with swear words for those with a different sense of humor. Whichever preference that special funny guy in your life may have, you are sure to find funky men’s socks he is going to giggle about every time he puts those cool socks on. Plus, our funny socks for men work great with our other knickknacks to make the ideal gift box. When you’re out of gift ideas, you can turn an everyday wardrobe staple into a fun item with silly socks for men. And if you want funky men’s socks that are trendy and show a pop culture element, the sock fairies have those, too!