Fruit and Veggie Food Socks

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Fun women’s food socks in lavender with avocado halves holding hands and smiling together
avocados awesome food novelty socks for men

Men's Avocado Socks | Mens


Cute strawberry socks in black
Funny women’s word socks that say, “Shake that peach,” but with a peach emoji

Women's Shake That Peach Socks | Womens

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Funny Dill Food Socks for Men

Men's Dill Socks | Mens


cool pineapple food socks by socksmith in wintergreen

Women's Pineapple Socks | Womens


Veggie Unique Novelty Socks for Women

Women's Veggie Socks | Womens

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avocado awesome food socks for women, in purple

Women's Avocado Socks | Womens


Women’s art socks with Paul Cézanne’s Still Life Plate and Fruit

Women's Still Life Plate and Fruit Socks | Womens

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Fun pineapple patterned socks in blue
Funny apple ankle socks that say “Bite me”

Women's Bite Me Socks | Womens


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