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Consider this collection your one-top shop for leaders of the free world. Whether you are looking for founding fathers or for recent presidential candidates, The Sock Drawer is home to everything presidential. Check out these awesome President socks to pair with everything from a ten gallon hat (we’re looking at you, Abraham Lincoln) to a questionable toupee (cough cough, Donald Trump).  This years top picks iconic hairstyles of two 2016 frontrunners: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump socks with hair.  These socks are so popular we opened them up for pre-order, shipping in mid-March.  Show off your election spirit by rockin’ these funny presidential candidate hair socks.

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Cool Novelty Republican Socks for Men

Men's Republican Socks | Mens

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Lincoln Socks | Mens

Men's Lincoln Socks | Mens


Men’s Barack Obama crew socks

Men's Obama Socks | Mens


Barack Obama crew socks in gray

Women's Obama Socks | Womens


Flag Socks | Womens

Women's Flag Socks | Womens


American Flag Crazy Novelty Socks for Men

Men's Flag Socks | Mens


Colorful Democrat Socks for Women

Women's Democrat Socks | Womens