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Typically considered a boring color, these grey and silver socks are anything but bland. With The Sock Drawer, you can look to the silver lining: you can solve the age old question of the chicken or the egg, and represent your dear French Bulldog right there on your awesome grey socks.

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Tuna Socks | Mens

Men's Tuna Socks | Mens


fun sunday novelty socks by blueq

Men's Sunday Socks | Mens


raptor cool novelty socks for men, in olive

Men's Raptor Socks | Mens


Rampage Crazy Novelty Socks for Men

Men's Rampage Socks | Mens


morning funawesome novelty socks by blue q

Women's Morning? Socks | Womens


Lincoln Socks | Mens

Men's Lincoln Socks | Mens


La-Di-Da awesome cat novelty socks by blue q

Women's La-Di-Da Socks | Womens


Happy Birthday Funny Novelty Socks for Women, in grey
Fun Wool Margarita Socks for Women, in Glacial Blue
Funny men’s socks that say, “I call bullshit,” with a picture of a bull

Men's Bull Socks | Mens


Graduation awesome novelty socks for women, in black
Cool men’s wine socks with illustrated bottles, glasses, grapes and more

Men's Wine Socks | Mens


Funny “Sorry not sorry” socks in gray