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Awesome Novelty Workshop Socks for Toddler Boys

Workshop Socks Box Set | Toddler Boys

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You want your little dude to grow up with great style, right? Then you've gotta start him young! Thanks to this cool set of kids' socks from Stance, your little boy will pick up some all-American style around the time he starts walking. With fun prints inspired by classic stars and stripes, these bold socks will make a strong style statement — and cushion his toes for all those trips around the coffee table!

  • Crew length
  • Box Set includes three pairs of socks
  • Size Small: 1-2 year olds (shoe size 4-6)
  • Size Medium: 2-4 year olds (shoe size 7-9)
  • Contents: 49% combed cotton, 37% elastane, 13% nylon, and 1% elastic
  • by Stance

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