Bumper Sloths Socks | Womens

Regular price $8.50

Bumper Sloths Socks | Womens

Regular price $8.50
Funny no-show sloth socks, front view
  • Ped / Footie length
  • Socks have a silicone grip heel
  • Small: Fits women's shoe size 6-8
  • Medium: Fits women’s shoe size 8.5-12
  • Contents: 59% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • by Sock it to Me

There’s a party going on in your shoes! Some sloths have taken control of bumper cars on these funny no-show socks. Maybe it’s the only way they can get around very fast ... Anyway, this hilariously quirky neon pattern will stay hidden in your shoes thanks to the short length of these socks, plus silicone heel grips keep them from moving around. Then, whenever you’re ready, kick off your shoes and unleash the sloth party!

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