Women's Crew Socks

There is not much regular about these regular length socks! We’ve got patterns for everything you love, from art and culture to food and animals. With the largest selection of crew socks online, The Sock Drawer offers hundreds of varieties of extraordinary socks for the extraordinary person! Which ones will you choose?

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Cute women’s animal socks with beavers building dams on a river

Women's Dam it! Socks | Womens


Funny hot pink sloth socks with them hanging from vines

Women's Sloth Socks | Womens


Fun wine socks for women in black, with glasses of red wine and chocolates
Cute dried corn socks in navy blue for autumn

Women's Harvest Corn Socks | Womens

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Funny women’s pumpkin spice latte socks in brown
Fun craft beer socks for women, with clinking mugs and fresh hops on a pink background
Fun cheeseburger socks in black and red
Cool women’s dinosaur bones socks in red
Winter animal socks in white for women, with foxes and deer in a snowy forest
Funny chipmunk socks in green for women, where they’re stuffing their cheeks with nuts
Fun women’s bird socks in robin’s egg blue with red-breasted robins
Black-and-white penguin novelty socks for women, with a loving penguin family huddled together
Beautiful barn owl novelty socks in black
Funny women’s sloth socks in hot pink, with sloths hanging on the clothesline next to laundry
Cool women’s tiger socks in red
Funny “science Lab” dog socks in gray where they’re doing chemistry experiments

Women's Science Lab Socks | Womens

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Cute purple Shih Tzu dog socks for women
Funny Corgi dog socks in blue where they’re showing off the cute heart markings on their butts

Women's Corgi Butt Socks | Womens

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Funny yellow cat socks where they’re knocking over water glasses and getting into mischief
Funny women’s Care Bear socks in blue with Grumpy Bear drinking coffee
Funny women’s food socks with smiling kinds of cheese

Women's Cheese Socks | Womens

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Cool brass instrument socks for women

Women's Brass Socks | Womens


Cool Pisces zodiac socks with the fish constellation in the stars

Women's Pisces Socks | Womens


Cool Aries zodiac sign socks for women

Women's Aries Socks | Womens


Fun Taurus zodiac socks for women

Women's Taurus Socks | Womens


Fun Gemini zodiac socks for women

Women's Gemini Socks | Womens


Fun zodiac socks featuring the Cancer constellation

Women's Cancer Socks | Womens


Fun Libra zodiac sign socks for women who like astrology

Women's Libra Socks | Womens

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Fun Leo zodiac sign socks for women

Women's Leo Socks | Womens


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