Women's Plant & Floral Socks

Don’t wait for a special occasion to enjoy a nice bouquet of flowers! Whether you are showing off a sassy pair of succulent socks, an elegant bunch of roses or a tropical jungle, your style will really bloom in these fun floral socks! Plus, you don’t have to have a green thumb (or green toes) to attend this garden party.

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Fun pink and green mismatched cactus socks

Women's Summer Cactus Socks | Womens

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Merino wool fern leaf socks in navy blue

Women's Wyome Wool Socks | Womens


Awesome novelty Spring Floral socks for women

Women's Spring Floral Socks | Womens

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Colorful novelty Prickly Pear socks for women in cream

Women's Prickly Pear Socks | Womens

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Rosey Posey Wool Socks | Womens
Cool tropical toucan socks in a mismatched pair
Cat socks with their faces in flower buds

Women's Cat Buds Socks | Womens


Mona Linen Colorful Pattern Novelty Socks for Women

Women's Mona Linen Socks


Cactus Awesome Novelty Socks for Women

Women's Catcus Socks | Womens


Christmas socks