Women’s Socksmith Socks

Socksmith is one of our biggest brands at The Sock Drawer, with fun women’s socks featuring everything from food and animals to holiday prints, pop culture icons and designs of your favorite hobbies! Have you ever thought, “I wonder if there are socks with BLANK on them.” Well, Socksmith has ’em!

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Significant Otter Fun Animal Novelty Socks for Women
Funny “science Lab” dog socks in gray where they’re doing chemistry experiments
sushi fun food socks for women, in green

Women's Sushi Socks | Womens


Fun women’s food socks in lavender with avocado halves holding hands and smiling together
Women’s octopus novelty socks in teal

Women's Socktopus Socks | Womens


Crazy women’s animal socks in off-white with an otter eating watermelon
cool pineapple food socks by socksmith in wintergreen

Women's Pineapple Socks | Womens


avocado awesome food socks for women, in purple

Women's Avocado Socks | Womens


tacos fun food socks for women, in purple

Women's Tacos Socks | Womens


Cool science lab socks with chemistry equipment

Women's All the Solutions Socks | Womens

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Fun alpaca socks in green for women where they have a picnic lunch
colorful flying pig animal socks by Socksmith in blue
Fun craft beer socks for women, with clinking mugs and fresh hops on a gray background

Women's Hoppier Together Socks | Womens

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Fun beaver socks for women who love animals

Women's Dam It Socks | Womens


Colorful stargazer lily floral socks for women

Women's Lilies Socks | Womens


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