Women’s Smartwool Socks

Smartwool makes some of the world’s most comfortable, durable and advanced socks, and the brand’s designs for women are a favorite among our customers as a gift or a treat for themselves! These Merino wool blend socks are great for hiking and for winter weather, or anytime you want a high-performance sock! Beautiful designs include fun geometric patterns and a Charley Harper line, plus socks of a variety of lengths, making a wonderful addition to any woman’s sock drawer.

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Merino wool fern leaf socks in dark red
Pink Merino wool socks with a colorful, spiky pattern
Wenona Wool Socks | Womens
Awesome Lacet Wool Socks for Women
Awesome Diamond Royale Wool Socks for Women
Popcorn Cable Awesome Wool Sock for Women, in desert purple
Margarita Wool Socks | Womens
Ethno Graphic Awesome Wool Socks for Women, in Black
Saturnsphere Wool Socks | Womens
Jovian Stripe Cool Wool Socks for Women, in light grey
Fun Camp House Wool Socks for Women
Butterfly Bitty Awesome Wool Socks for Women, in Black
Waffle Knit Awesome Wool Socks for Women, in Natural
Awesome Novelty Bloom Botanical Socks for Women
Metallic Optic Frills Awesome Wool Knee High Sock, in Charcoal
Fun Charley Harper Cardinal Wool Knee High Socks for Women

Charley Harper Cardinal Knee High Wool Socks | Womens

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Awesome wool Retro Over the Knee Tube Socks for women, in light heather
Polk-a-Dot Awesome Wool Socks for Women
Colorful Sulawesi Stripe Wool Socks for Women
Merino wool zig-zag pattern socks in green
Cool Secret Sleuth Wool Socks for Women
Awesome Hide and Seek Wool Socks for Women
Fun Striped Wool Knee High Margarita Socks for Women

Cozy Socks for Fall