Women's Wool Socks

This isn’t a sock for the sheepish. Anti-itch wool selections excellently wick away moisture and keep your feet dry, without sacrificing warmth. Regardless of the style, you can walk around with your head held high knowing your cool wool socks are ba-a-a-a-a-d to the bone.

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Southwestern pattern Merino wool socks in blue
Striped Merino wool socks in blue

Women's Lexy Wool Socks | Womens


Fun Wool Margarita Socks for Women, in Glacial Blue
Gray Merino wool socks with a tan heel, toe and cuff
Red cashmere socks with white polka dots and gold sparkles
Fun Christmas Reindeer Fairisle Cashmere Socks for Women in black cherry
Native American pattern crew socks in turquoise
Dazzling Wonderland Wool Socks | Womens
Awesome Wool Cozy Dot Socks for Women, in aubergine heather
Awesome Diamond Royale Wool Socks for Women
Striped wool socks in taupe
Cool Cozy Cabin Wool Socks for Women by Smartwool
Waffle Knit Wool Socks | Womens
Rosey Posey Wool Socks | Womens
Jovian Stripe Cool Wool Socks for Women, in chestnut
Fun Luxury Cashmere Solid Socks for Women, in caviar