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SpongeBob Socks

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You’re never too old to rock your favorite cartoon character on your socks. At The Sock Drawer, we’ve got all your favorite SpongeBob character socks, including the yellow, crabby-patty flippin’ SquarePants himself, Mr. Krabs, and even everyone’s favorite starfish, Patrick socks. Plus, you can shop them by the bundle, so you can get all your favorite characters in one or offer a pair of fun socks to a best friend. And it’s not just your favorite cartoon characters either. We’ve got all the best TV and movie socks, everything from The Office to Jaws to even festive favorites like The Grinch

And why let the fun stop at TV and movie characters? We’ve got all types of fun, geeky socks to match your hobbies and interests. Comic book junkies and book worms alike can find the right pair of socks to match their style. Nothing’s better than cozying up with a good book by the fire in a pair of fun, cozy socks donning the protagonist you’re reading about. Teachers, too, will find spunky, fun socks that are sure to spice up the classroom and give their students a laugh.