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Safari and Jungle Animal Socks

If taking a trip through a real exotic jungle doesn’t really appeal to you… slip on the next best thing with The Sock Drawer’s awesome collection of crazy jungle socks. With every animal you would find in the Sahara Desert and all the unique animals of the rainforest, this collection has everything you need to truly taste adventure- in style, of course.


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Fun giraffe socks in mint green for women

Women's Giraffe Socks | Womens


Cool alligator socks in pink for women
Cool women’s tiger socks in blue
Funny women’s sloth socks in hot pink, with sloths hanging on the clothesline next to laundry
Fun men’s animal socks in yellow featuring hippos
Fun sloth socks for men

Men's Sloth Socks | Mens


Fun animal socks with smiling pandas and a green bamboo forest

Women's Panda Life Socks | Womens

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Cool zebra socks in bright teal

Women's It's Zebras Socks | Womens

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Cool armadillo socks for men, in hemp heather

Men's Armadillo Socks | Mens


Llama Awesome Animal Socks for Men

Men's Llama Socks | Mens


Cool men’s gorilla socks

Men's Gorilla Socks | Mens


Funny men’s animal socks with a sloth saying, “Can’t reach it, don’t need it”

Men's Sloth Socks | Mens

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Awesome Sloth Bling Novelty Socks for Women
fun men's llama drama novelty socks

Men's Llama Drama Socks | Mens

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Cool drink socks in black with pink elephants in martini glasses
Cool panda bear socks in gray where they’re holding a stalk of bamboo
Cool hippo socks in tan for women

Women's Hippo Socks | Womens


Fun elephant socks in red with hearts for Valentine’s Day
Funny sloth socks for women that say, “Can’t reach it, don’t need it.”

Women's Sloth Socks | Womens