Quirky Animal Socks

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Funny men’s “seal of approval” socks in blue with a smiling seal
Cool pug dog socks where they have wings, as “Pugasuses”

Women's Pugasus Socks | Womens


Fun sloth socks for men

Men's Sloth Socks | Mens


Men’s sloth socks in icy blue-gray
Mint green swimming dog socks where they’re wearing goggles and floaties
Awesome Sloth Bling Novelty Socks for Women
Funny elephant socks where they’re wearing red sunglasses

Men's Elephant with Shades Socks | Mens

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Fun panda socks for women with a panda bear wearing a T-shirt that says, “Free Hugs”

Women's Bear Hug Socks | Womens


Funny men’s surfing donkey socks

Men's Hang 4! Socks | Mens

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Cool drink socks in black with pink elephants in martini glasses

Men's Pink Elephants Socks | Mens

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Fun alpaca socks in green for women where they have a picnic lunch

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