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Time to celebrate the good ol’ days! Ride the wave of nostalgia that’s about to overcome you when you check out this collection of cool and crazy novelty socks featuring pop culture, toys, tech and fashion fads from days gone by! Put your homemade mixtape in the boom box and take a look at these radical patterns that will make your childhood self oh-so-happy!

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Throwback Gumby Socks for Men

Men's Gumby Socks | Mens


Bob Ross socks with his smiling face and “happy clouds”

Women's Bob Ross Happy Clouds Socks | Womens

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Funny Care Bears cartoon socks in black for men, with Grumpy Bear drinking coffee
Cool music socks with mixtapes

Women's Mixtapes Socks | Womens


Cool mismatched vintage camera socks with film negatives
Men’s Bob Ross socks in light blue that feature his “happy trees”
Men’s hockey socks in 8-bit style

Men's Penalty Shot Socks | Mens

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Throwback Gumby Socks for Women

Women's Gumby Socks | Womens


Men’s Star Trek socks with the Vulcan salute

Men's Salutations Socks | Mens

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Cute Care Bears novelty socks in white for women, with Cheer Bear riding a unicorn past a rainbow
Funny women’s Care Bears socks in blue with Bedtime Bear sleeping in a pizza bed
Fun rainbow socks for women, with a blush pink background

Women's Rainbow Socks | Womens