Men's Specialty Socks

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Cool men’s geometric wool socks in green and gold

Men's Star Curated Wool Socks | Mens

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Cool Merino wool frog socks for men

Men's Dart Frog Curated Wool Socks | Mens

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Spruce Street Wool Socks | Mens
Cool Merino wool socks for men with a Southwestern pattern

Men's Ruiz Wool Socks | Mens


Striped Merino wool men’s socks
XL pug dog socks in gray for men

Men's Pug Socks | Mens - XL


XL cheeseburger socks in gray for men
Cool men’s crew socks with the holy mother Mary in black and white

Men's Team Barrio Socks | Mens

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Funny Dill Food Socks for Men

Men's Dill Socks | Mens


Cool men’s gorilla socks

Men's Gorilla Socks | Mens


Wild bear socks for men

Men's Leos Socks | Mens


Popcorn Awesome Food Novelty Socks for Men

Men's Popcorn Socks | Mens

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Mummy Eyeball Socks | Mens

Men's Mummy Eyeball Socks | Mens

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Fun retro-style gym socks that say the word “Beer” in big block letters

Men's Beer Socks | Mens


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