Men's New Arrivals

Jump head first into this season’s most popular styles and latest trends with The Sock Drawer! By constantly updating our selection of hundreds of cool men's socks, you are guaranteed to find the pair you are looking for. Check back regularly to make sure you get a leg, or foot, up on the competition.

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Fun men’s animal socks in yellow featuring hippos
Fun men’s beer socks in brown with mugs and fresh hops
Funny men’s tequila socks that say, “Yes, you can dance!”

Men's Tequila Socks | Mens


Fun men’s bird socks with a blue background

Men's Bird Socks | Mens


Cool and colorful mushroom socks for men

Men's Mushroom Socks | Mens

Sold Out

Funny men’s dog socks in red with pups dressed up in scarves, hats and glasses
Cool Beatles socks for men, with the band in cartoon form from the Yellow Submarine movie

Men's Beatles Pepperland Socks | Mens

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Fun cat socks for men, with smiling cat faces in a rainbow of colors on a black background

Men's Cat Socks | Mens

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Funny ostrich socks for men with the birds burying their heads in the sand

Men's Ostrich Socks | Mens


Cool men’s novelty cowboy socks with a man riding a horse and swinging a lasso

Men's Rodeo Socks | Mens


Cool cactus novelty socks for men

Men's Cactus Socks | Mens


Fun camper trailer novelty socks for men

Men's Campers Socks | Mens


Cool cycling socks for men, with a large pattern of a single rider on the leg

Men's Cyclist Socks | Mens


Cool novelty golf socks for men

Men's Golfer Socks | Mens


Cool police socks for men, with siren lights, badges, handcuffs and more

Men's Police Socks | Mens


Cool tennis socks for men, with rackets and balls

Men's Tennis Socks | Mens


Fun men’s Siberian Husky dog socks

Men's Huskies Socks | Mens


Striped men’s Merino wool socks
Cool Merino wool socks for men, with a geometric pattern of triangles
Cool Merino wool socks for men with a Southwestern pattern

Men's Ruiz Wool Socks | Mens


Striped Merino wool men’s socks