Men's Crew Socks

The mid-calf crew sock is a classic you’ve been wearing your whole life, but it’s time to slip into something a little more exciting! These fun and funky men’s crew socks aren’t boring basics — they’re covered in cool patterns, quirky characters and so much more. Whatever you’re into, we probably have a crew sock for it!

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Bright blue sushi novelty socks for men

Men's Sushi Socks | Mens


Fun men’s beer socks in green with mugs and fresh hops
Cool men’s gorilla socks

Men's Gorilla Socks | Mens


Wild bear socks for men

Men's Leos Socks | Mens


Funny men’s beard socks that say, “Get a load of these whiskers”

Men's Whiskers Socks | Mens

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Funny men’s socks that say, “Here comes Cool Dad” and have a man flashing a thumbs-up

Men's Here Comes Cool Dad Socks | Mens

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Fun men’s animal socks in yellow featuring hippos

Men's Hip Hipporay Socks | Mens

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Men’s Bob Ross socks in light blue that feature his “happy trees”
Funny men’s smart ass socks with a donkey wearing a mortarboard and glasses

Men's Smart Ass Socks | Mens


Funny dog socks in blue with “science Labs” doing chemistry experiments
Fun sport fishing novelty socks in black, with tuna and marlins
Fun novelty golf socks in black for men

Men's Tee It Up Socks | Mens


Jaws-inspired shark socks for men where the sharks are wearing 3-D movie glasses

Men's Jawsome Socks | Mens


Fun retro rocket ship socks for men

Men's Launch from Earth Socks | Mens

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Fun animal socks for men, with beavers building a dam on a river

Men's Dam It! Socks | Mens


Cool men’s dog socks with dog faces wearing David Bowie-style lightning bolt makeup

Men's Dogs of Rock Socks | Mens

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