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Infant Shoe Size 0-3

Ready to see some of the cutest and most fun little baby socks ever? Our smallest infant socks are designed for buns right out of the oven up to a year old. Made from only the softest materials, these tiny socks are super comfy and just plain adorable! You can also check our sock sizing page for more information.

Nalani Socks Box Set | Baby Girls

Nalani Socks Box Set | Baby Girls

$20.00 USD

Orange Pop Socks Box Set | Baby Boys

Orange Pop Socks Box Set | Baby Boys

$20.00 USD

Cool Novelty Stance X Freshly Picked Socks for Baby Girls

Stance X Freshly Picked Socks Box Set | Baby Girls

$20.00 USD

Crazy Novelty Chancho Socks for Baby Boys

Chancho Socks Box Set | Baby Boys

$20.00 USD

Crazy Novelty Freshly Picked Socks for Baby Boys

Freshly Picked Socks Box Set | Baby Boys

$20.00 USD

Cool Novelty Workshop Socks for Baby Boys

Workshop Socks Box Set | Baby Boys

$20.00 USD

Infant Shoe Size 0-3

Ready to see some of the cutest and most fun little baby socks ever? Our smallest infant socks are designed for buns right out of the oven up to a year old. Made from only the softest materials, these tiny socks are super comfy and just plain adorable! You can also check our sock sizing page for more information.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I just wanted to say that this was my first purchase from this website and when I received my package I got so excited. I opened up the package and was so happy to see the cute yarn bow tied around the socks and the cute little "Thank You Alyssa" written in bright green on my receipt. It's very cute and adds a lot of character to your product. Thank you for that extra step to connect with your customers."


Yes! My sox arrived today even in an ice storm!! You guys are great! And so is UPS!! The sox are beautiful. I'm very happy. My kids play a game, sort of like a white elephant game, with all the pairs of sox. One opens a pair and the next person can take a new wrapped pair or steal any of the previous sox! Now, my 4 kids are between the ages of 26-30 and their spouses and significant others look forward to the sox game at Christmas! Leaves me with big smiles!! THANK YOU!!


I had a package that recently went "missing" and ultimately misdelivered despite the USPS confirming it was delivered to my address. The staff at The Sock Drawer promptly answered all of my inquiries and were most gracious to talk to. My overall experience with them was a very pleasant one despite finding myself in an unpleasant situation. The socks were exactly as described and I am eager to see how my wife likes them this Christmas. I will happily use The Sock Drawer again for future purchases.


"This is the first time I have ordered from your company. I received great quality socks, nicely packaged, and with a hand written "thank you." NO ONE does that anymore. I would like to say THANK YOU and I hope your attention to quality, detail, and your care for customers continues. Happy Holidays!"

Claudette from Connecticut

"I just wanted to say thank you. I received my order far earlier than what I expected. And the handwritten thank you note just made my day. Congrats for being so thorough and reliable and fun!"


"Everyone compliments me on the Starry Night socks I got from The Sock Drawer. The site is like my fashion secret weapon."

Grace from Allentown, PA

"I go there when I need a last-minute gift, and I always find something perfect! Quick shipping, good customer support. They answered my email right away."

Michelle from Lubbock, TX

"The Sock Drawer totally supports my sock addiction. I never leave this site empty-handed!"

Erin from Hialeah, FL

"The Sock Drawer has good selection for men's socks, I was impressed. I got up a few pairs of fun dress socks for work, and some Smartwool for my outdoor activities. Prompt service, I ordered it in the morning and it shipped a few hours later."

Brett from Issaquah, WA

"I got a giftcard for the website and it took me 2+ hours to choose my socks, there are so many funny ones on there! I got the Unicorn Vs. Narwhal socks, so perfect."

Kelsey from Blacksburg, VA

"I never knew sock shopping could be so much fun. I purchased socks for Christmas gifts and I can’t wait to give them out. I can’t wait to shop here again. "

Dawn from Shelton, CT

"You totally rocked my socks! My order arrived today and I'm verklempt at the quality of your merchandise, the uber-short ship time and - most of all - the personal care with which my order was processed. In a world too full of grumps, witches and computer glitches, you've got the right idea about doing things in an extra-special way. Thanks SO much. I'm an incurable sock junkie and will be hanging around your website often, drool cup firmly strapped under my chin!"

Morine from Grass Valley, CA

"Every year, I like to give all the girls and the women in our family unique stocking stuffers. I was impressed with all of the options you have. I hesitate to order from companies with whom I'm not familiar, but I couldn't find as comprehensive a selection anywhere else, so I went ahead. And I'm glad I did! The socks came quickly and are of great quality. But what impressed me the most? A personal note on my packing slip! WOW! My coupon code was circled with a "woo hoo!" next to it and a note at the bottom thanked me by name. Such personal touches are few and far between today as high levels of customer service have almost disappeared. You have definitely found a fan in me!"

Kim from McFarland, WI

"My order arrived this afternoon and I want you to know how happy I am with it. The shipping was super quick, the socks are adorable and the presentation was lovely. It sounds weird, but 5 pairs of socks tied up in multi-colored yarn made me smile this afternoon. My daughter is moving into her college dorm next month and I will be a regular customer of your store...I plan to include socks in her monthly 'care package' from home. Your selection is AMAZING!!!"

Stacey from Nebraska

"I just wanted to compliment your online store and say how much I like it. I ordered several pairs of socks a few weeks ago and when I received the package, they were tied together with string and there was a hand written thank you attached. It made my day and honestly made me want to order 50 more pairs of socks. I really love how personal it was and how high of quality the socks are. The pictures on them aren’t cheesy or cheaply made, and I really think my friends will enjoy these Christmas presents!"


"Thank you for your great service and promptness. I was not expecting the arrival of the socks until Friday or early next week. Very excited to have them now! This was my first time ordering from you guys and I could tell right when I opened the package that you care a lot about the customers. The socks were packaged nicely. A lot of times when I order things or visit stores, the customer service is not always the best. Thank you once again for your great service, really appreciate it!"


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you all the way from Australia for my new bi-plane socks that I bought for my boyfriend for Christmas. They are absolutely lovely and I loved that you wrapped them up so nicely and wrote me a nice note. Thanks again and I'll be sure to use your website if I need some new funky socks."

Emily from Australia

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