Girls' and Boys' Socks

Kids can get away with crazy, bright fashion choices for any occasion — so lucky! If your little ones love colorful, fun looks, these girls’ and boys’ socks are the perfect choice. Our kids’ socks come in a range of sizes from little kids to older children, so be sure to check out the size information on each product to find the right fit. We have a feeling these cool girls’ and boys’ novelty socks will become their new faves!

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A set of three kids’ pirate socks in red and blue
Three styles of kids’ animal socks with dogs, cats and horses wearing crowns
An outdoorsy set of three styles of animal and camo socks for kids
Three styles of funny food socks for kids with “best friend” foods like milk and cookies
Fun koala bear socks for kids
Cool bear socks for kids

Kids' Bear Hug Socks | Kids


Kids’ panda socks in white, black and orange
Funny pancakes socks for kids
Three fun styles of food socks for kids with tacos, pizza and burgers
A set of cute kids’ flamingo socks in three different colors
Three styles of kids’ food socks with hot dogs, popcorn and pretzels
Three styles of kids’ animal socks with tigers, lions and cheetahs
Cute kids’ ice cream cone socks
Cool tiger socks for kids
Cool soccer ball socks for kids
Fun football socks for kids

Kids' Football Socks | Kids


A set of three styles of kids’ art socks
Three styles of kids’ sports socks with footballs, baseballs and soccer balls
Three styles of cute kids’ socks with stars, rainbows and unicorns
Three styles of kids’ socks with dogs and cats
Cute otter socks for kids
Cute pineapple socks for kids
Funny kids’ cat socks with a white cat wearing a crown
Cool fire-breathing dragon knee high socks for kids