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Farm Animal Socks

Cows and chickens and pigs, oh my! Thankfully you don’t have to grow up on a ranch to appreciate these awesome animal socks. The Sock Drawer has collected enough cool farm socks to rival Old MacDonald's collection… but luckily you can rock these fun socks without the sound effects associated with each animal. Unless that’s your thing, of course.

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Funny black sheep socks for women in periwinkle blue
Cute Billy Goat Farm Socks for Women, green
Colorful horse socks with Danish folk art patterns

Women's Danish Horses Socks | Womens

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Funny men’s smart ass socks with a donkey wearing a mortarboard and glasses

Men's Smart Ass Socks | Mens

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Cool men’s novelty cowboy socks with a man riding a horse and swinging a lasso

Men's Rodeo Socks | Mens


Fun llama socks for women

Women's Llama Socks | Womens


colorful flying pig animal socks by Socksmith in blue
Cute and colorful llama socks

Women's Llamas Socks | Womens


Red dairy cow socks with them standing in a field of flowers
Funny spotted pig socks in denim blue
Cute sheep socks for women

Women's Sheep Socks | Womens


guinea pigs in pink awesome animal socks
Cute cow socks in light blue

Women's Cows Socks | Womens


Cute sheep socks in mint green
Colorful Hen Farm Themed Socks for Women, red

Women's Hen House Socks | Womens


Fun llama socks in hot pink

Women's Llamas Socks | Womens


Adorable Bunny Animal Socks for Women, boysenberry
Funny mismatched pig sock with pork products like bacon

Women's Piggy Socks | Womens


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