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Face Masks

“Cute Face Mask!” Charmingly Protecting You from the Spread of COVID-19

When it comes to finding face coverings you can reuse and wash, we love offering a cloth face mask that protects you and looks fun at the same time. Brought to you by some of our favorite sock brands, like Sock It to Me, an antimicrobial face mask you enjoy wearing and look good in makes the whole thing a little easier. The CDC recommends socially distancing, washing your hands regularly and wearing personal protective equipment when out in public. To make following those guidelines effortless, we recommend wearing a cloth face mask that’s comfortable and showcases your creativity. 

Everyone will notice your cute face mask right away, and you can even find patterns that match our cute socks! Plus, you don’t have to worry about ordering a mask that’s too small or too big because many of our masks have an adjustable strap length. Using the toggle, it’s easy to keep the mask over your nose and mouth at a comfortable length that fits snug to your head. Whether you rock a mask with a pattern of bees, cats or pizza, we’re certain you’ll spread a little joy to your friends, colleagues, strangers and even yourself!