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They say dogs are man’s best friend… clearly “they” don’t understand a woman’s unique love for her pooch. Whether reminiscing on your childhood pet, paying homage to your current puppy, or dreaming of your favorite breed- there is something for every dog lover here at The Sock Drawer. Now you better go fetch yourself a pair of fun dog socks before they run off… but also remember to hide them from your teething puppy before they become another chew toy.

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Awesome Valentine's Day Dogs & Milkshake Socks in pink

Women's Dogs & Milkshake Socks | Womens

On Sale $4.00 Regular price

Fun Novelty Dogs! Socks for Women

Women's Dogs! Socks | Womens


wolf in purple fun animal socks

Women's Wolf Socks | Womens


Cool pug dog socks where they have wings, as “Pugasuses”

Women's Pugasus Socks | Womens


Cool Dachshund Dog Socks for Women, in yellow

Women's Haute Dog Socks | Womens

$5.00 - Regular price $8.00

Cute dog socks that say, “I love my Yorkie”

Women's Yorkie Socks | Womens


Cool dog socks that say, “I love my beagle”

Women's Beagle Socks | Womens