Toddler Shoe Size 6

Looking for some cute and fun kids’ socks for a toddler? These styles are perfect for a child wearing toddler shoe size 6, usually about 18 to 24 months old. They are super comfy and feature cute prints that your little one will love! Check out our sock sizing page to double-check you have the right size.

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Bring it Bot Crazy Novelty Pop Culture Socks for Kids in Black

Toddler Bring it Bot Socks | Toddler

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Meow Fun Novelty Animal Socks for Kids in Blue

Toddler Meow Socks | Toddler

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Cool Animal Cat Stuff Socks for Kids
Cool Animal Dinosaur Mix Socks for Kids
Awesome Animal Frog Mix Socks for Kids

Kids' Frog Mix Socks | Kids


Fun Giraffe Animal Socks for Kids

Kids' Giraffe Socks | Kids


Fun Horse Heads Animal Socks for Kids
Cool Manatee Animal Socks for Kids

Kids' Manatee Socks | Kids


Awesome Otter in Water Animal Socks for Kids
Funny Novelty Broccoli Monster Socks for Kids
Fun Animal Bunch of Pigs Socks for Kids
Cool Novelty Candy Shop Socks for Kids
cookies and milk socks for kids
Fun Animal Dolphin Crazy Socks for Kids

Christmas socks