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Age 7

By age 7, many kids are starting to develop a personal style, and we’re sure some of these fun socks will fit right into their refined aesthetic! Our socks for 7-year-olds include lots of bright and silly prints, as well as some more graphic and grown-up designs! Check our sock sizing page to make sure you get the right fit.

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Bird Stripe Socks | Kids
Crazy Novelty I Believe Knee High Socks for Kids
Nutcracker Knee High Socks | Kids
Novelty Rainbow Blast Knee High Socks for Kids
crazy rainbow knee high socks for kids
Fun s’mores socks for kids
Cute fox socks with a leafy green background
Three styles of kids’ socks with dogs and cats
Three styles of kids’ camping socks with patterns of s’mores, Bigfoot and tents
Awesome Mac 'N Cheese Food Socks for Kids
A set of three kids’ pirate socks in red and blue
Awesome Novelty Magical Unicorn Socks for Kids
Three cool styles of dinosaur socks for kids
Three styles of funny food socks for kids with “best friend” foods like milk and cookies
Fun novelty Music socks for kids in white

Kids' Music Socks | Kids


Three styles of cool animal socks for kids with frogs, snakes and bugs
Three styles of cute kids’ socks with stars, rainbows and unicorns
Three fun styles of food socks for kids with tacos, pizza and burgers
Awesome Pizza Food Socks for Kids

Kids' Pizza Socks | Kids


Cute pug dog socks for kids in blue and red

Kids' Pug Socks | Kids


Cool fire-breathing dragon knee high socks for kids