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Dessert Socks

What better way to quench a sweet tooth? Slip on these colorful dessert socks when you feel like rocking a little foot candy. While you usually feel guilty for succumbing to your cravings, you can feel proud to fall to temptation in these fun socks. Just as colorful as the food they feature are delicious, these unique socks won’t leave you with any cavities.  


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Awesome Donut Food Socks for Women, in mint

Women's Donut Socks | Womens


Yummy S'More Food Socks for Women, black
Crazy Donuts food socks for men, in grey

Men's Donuts Socks | Mens


Fun s’mores socks for kids
Three styles of kids’ camping socks with patterns of s’mores, Bigfoot and tents
Three styles of funny food socks for kids with “best friend” foods like milk and cookies
Fun wine socks for women in berry pink, with glasses of red wine and chocolates
Fun mismatched ice cream cone socks
Cute banana split socks in dark blue
Cute doughnut socks in gray

Women's Donut Socks | Womens


Cute ice cream socks in hot pink

Women's Ice Cream Socks | Womens