Yellow / Gold Socks

You deserve a gold medal for choosing to shop for your fun socks at The Sock Drawer. Treat your feet to some sunshine colored socks- even if they are actually covered in cheese or golden retrievers.

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Cool pizza toppings socks with cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms

Women's Pizza Socks | Womens


Cool Dachshund Dog Socks for Women, in yellow

Women's Haute Dog Socks | Womens

$5.00 - Regular price $8.00

meat lover funny novelty socks for men, in gold
Bee Awesome Animal Novelty Cycling Socks for Women

Women's Bee Socks | Womens


Yellowstone Stripe Socks | Mens

Men's Yellowstone Stripe Socks | Mens

Sold Out

cool elephant animal socks in yellow by Socksmith

Women's Elephant Love Socks | Womens

$5.00 - Regular price $8.00

colorful bee novelty socks by foot traffic for women

Women's Buzzing Bees Socks | Womens

Sold Out