Women's Socks Made in the USA

If you’re interested in supporting the U.S. economy, look no further than these cool women’s socks that are made right here in the USA! A variety of our favorite brands produce their high-quality socks here with a goal of employing people in their communities and celebrating American innovation. Spend your dollar patriotically with these proud U.S. brands.

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Southwestern crew socks in gray and bright blue

Women's Southern Highlands Socks | Womens

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Fun Camp House Wool Socks for Women
Native American pattern crew socks in turquoise
Awesome Novelty Bloom Botanical Socks for Women
Ethno Graphic Awesome Wool Socks for Women
Margarita Wool Socks | Womens
Fun Christmas Reindeer Fairisle Cashmere Socks for Women in black cherry
Pink Merino wool socks with a colorful, spiky pattern

Women's Tiva Wool Socks | Womens


Wenona Wool Socks | Womens
Merino wool fern leaf socks in navy blue

Women's Wyome Wool Socks | Womens


Merino wool zig-zag pattern socks in green
Saturnsphere Wool Socks | Womens
Fun Cashmere Sweater Socks for Women in Caviar
Vista View Wool Socks | Womens
Butterfly Bitty Awesome Wool Socks for Women, in Black
Southwestern cross patterned Merino wool socks

Women's Harding Socks | Womens

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Merino wool camping socks with Native American animal symbols

Women's Navigator Wool Socks | Womens

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Southwestern cross crew socks in white
Khaki tan ankle socks with a Southwest pattern

Women's Winter Woods Wool Socks | Womens

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Rosey Posey Wool Socks | Womens
Macaw Crazy Animal Novelty Socks for Women

Women's Macaw Socks | Womens


Christmas socks