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Men's Wool Socks

These socks aren’t for the sheepish! If you’re interested in high quality and a great appearance, these cool wool socks for men are the perfect choice. Wool breathes and wicks away moisture, which makes these socks a great choice for hiking and other activities regardless of the season. Look no further than Merino wool for long-lasting comfort and durability.

Cool Merino wool socks for men with a Southwestern pattern

Men's Ruiz Wool Socks | Mens


Burgee Wool Socks | Mens
Cool men’s geometric wool socks in green and gold

Men's Star Curated Wool Socks | Mens

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Men’s abstract striped wool socks in blue and red

Men's Fiery Curated Wool Socks | Mens

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Men’s geometric patterned wool socks in black, gray and brown

Men's Spaceship Curated Wool Socks | Mens

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Cool Merino wool XL socks for men, with a geometric pattern of triangles

Men's Burgee Wool Socks | Mens - XL

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