Men's Wool Socks

These socks aren’t for the sheepish! If you’re interested in high quality and a great appearance, these cool wool socks for men are the perfect choice. Wool breathes and wicks away moisture, which makes these socks a great choice for hiking and other activities regardless of the season. Look no further than Merino wool for long-lasting comfort and durability.

Men’s striped Merino wool socks in gray and navy blue
Navy blue Merino wool socks for men with a yellow heel, toe and cuff

Men's Ciro Wool Socks | Mens


Men’s Native American arrowhead patterned wool socks in black
Diamond Jim Awesome Wool Socks for Men, in Chestnut
Men’s cashmere socks in hunter green with gray plaid
Men’s Native American cross pattern socks

Men's Harding Socks | Mens


Awesome Striped Cashmere Socks for Men, in Olive
Colorful Native American patterned men’s socks in blue
Blue Southwestern patterned Merino wool crew socks for men

Men's Star Hero Socks | Mens


Soft Cashmere Socks for Men, Caviar