Critter Animal Socks

While the thought of creepy critters is usually enough to make your skin crawl, these awesome bug socks make you jump for joy. Let these colorful dragonflies and adorable ladybugs cover your feet every day of the week to remind you to stay grounded. Luckily for you, these awesome socks still float like a butterfly while stinging like a bee.

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Ladybug Colorful Animal Novelty Socks for Women

Women's Ladybug Socks | Womens


Bee Awesome Animal Novelty Cycling Socks for Women

Women's Bee Socks | Womens


Butterfly Bitty Awesome Wool Socks for Women, in Black
Cool Dragonflies critter socks for women, in denim
Bright, fun bee socks in a mismatched pair

Women's Bee Bee Socks | Womens


Fun mismatched ladybug socks
Fun and bright bee socks for men

Men's Bee Bee Socks | Mens