Men's Seasonal Socks

Maybe that holiday sweater isn't exactly welcome at the office, just like your Halloween costume wasn't, nor was your St. Patrick's Day top hat. We've got you covered. Our collection of fun seasonal socks for men covers all of your favorite holidays — and you can get away with these cool accessories even with the stuffiest of dress codes. Spread your seasonal cheer without fear!

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Hot Sox Candy Hearts Fun Mens Valentines Socks, black

Men's Candy Hearts Socks | Mens

On Sale $6.00 Regular price

Awesome Cashmere Argyle Socks for Men in caviar
Fun Cashmere Polka Dot Socks for Men
Awesome Striped Cashmere Socks for Men, in Olive
Awesome Sasquatch Valentine holiday socks for men, in red

Men's Sasquatch Valentine Socks | Mens

On Sale $8.50 Regular price

Soft Cashmere Socks for Men, Caviar
Men’s Valentine’s Day heart socks in red

Men's Half Hearts Socks | Mens

On Sale $6.00 Regular price

Estore Cashmere Socks | Mens
Funny men’s St. Patrick’s Day socks in black with dancing leprechauns

Men's Dancing Leprechaun Socks | Mens

On Sale $6.00 Regular price

Funny men’s “Kiss me, I’m Irish” socks in black

Men's Kiss Me I'm Irish Socks | Mens

On Sale $6.00 Regular price

Men’s cashmere reindeer socks for Christmas in red
Funny tuxedo socks with a black tux, white shirt and red bow tie

Men's Tuxedo Socks | Mens


Men’s Native American arrowhead patterned wool socks in black
Men’s Native American cross pattern socks

Men's Harding Socks | Mens