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Bob Ross Socks

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Everyone’s favorite happy, soft-spoken artist is back! Now you can wear him on your feet as you watch him sketch and paint beautiful scenes in The Joy of Painting. With socks featuring the famous Bob Ross happy clouds or joyful trees, you can show you’re a true fan of the American painter and television host. Or cheer yourself or a friend up with socks showcasing the hilarious Bob Ross sayings. No day can be a gloomy one when the legacy of the great Bob Ross is carried on, ensuring to always put a smile on your face! 

Looking for other socks featuring your favorite artists and works? Look no further! The Sock Drawer has fun art socks with all your favorites, like Frida Kahlo, the Mona Lisa, and all the best works from Vincent van Gogh. Find all sorts of cool hobby socks featuring your favorite interests and pastimes. You can showcase your style while still being comfortable and cozy because, at The Sock Drawer, we never substitute fashion for comfort.