Socksmith, oh how we love thee! With novelty designs ranging from food (sushi, anyone?) to pop culture (Rosie the Riveter - we can do it!) and animals (sharks, Bigfoot, sloths), you're guaranteed to find your perfect pair. Socksmith brings us men's socks, knee high socks, crew length socks, peds.... cotton, bamboo, wool, comfort top... they're as magical as unicorns, leprechauns, and elves (which you can also find on their socks). They're located right up the road from us in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

Fit in US shoe sizes: Women = 6-10, Men = 8-13, and King Size = 13-17. To clean: machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low. Line dry bamboo and wool blend socks.

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frida kahlo awesome novelty socks for women
cool pug socks for women by socksmith
avocado awesome food socks for women, in purple
tacos fun food socks for women, in purple
sushi fun food socks for women, in green
Significant Otter Fun Animal Novelty Socks for Women
Funny Antler Pug Christmas Socks for Women, in green
Awesome Donut Food Socks for Women, in mint
fun corgi animal socks in black by socksmith
Meds Awesome Novelty Socks for Women, in blue
Awesome Rosie Novelty Socks for Women
unique food socks with coffee by socksmith in hemp
cool elephant animal socks in yellow by Socksmith
Funny Pizza Socks for Men
Christmas Lights Socks | Womens
Awesome Sloth Bling Novelty Socks for Women
colorful flying pig animal socks by Socksmith in blue
pancakes fun food socks by socksmith in gold
hedgehog fun animal socks for women, in gold

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