ModSock was originally founded in 2013, when a sock store by the same title decided to launch their own brand out of Bellingham, Washington. Since then the small company has created a collection of colorful, creative, and artistic socks that are sure to rock any sock lover’s world. Check out our collection of Modsock styles to meet your fun and colorful sock needs.

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Antler Blossoms Fun Animal Novelty Knee High Socks for Women
Bold Poppies Colorful Novelty Floral Socks for Women in Black

Women's Bold Poppies Knee High Socks | Womens

$8.00 - Regular price $11.00

Fun Novelty Bibliophile Knee High Socks for Women, in black
Crazy Sloth Stripe Knee High Socks for Women, in navy
Cool Christmas Sloth Socks for Women

Women's Christmas Sloth Socks | Womens

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