Men's Woodland Animal Socks

Because it seems a little unrealistic to curl up with a squirrel by the fireplace or bring your bear to work, show your love for adorable woodland creatures by rocking these fun animal socks anywhere and everywhere. It’s guaranteed to be much more acceptable than walking into the grocery store with a live buck. Trust us, cool socks are the better option.

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Cool wolf socks for men, in green

Men's Wolf Socks | Mens


Funny beaver socks for men that say “Dam it!”

Men's Dam It Socks | Mens


Funny Care Bears cartoon socks in black for men, with Grumpy Bear drinking coffee
Wild bear socks for men

Men's Leos Socks | Mens


Funny socks with bears lifting weights

Men's Bearbell Socks | Mens

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Fun animal socks for men, with beavers building a dam on a river

Men's Dam It! Socks | Mens


Cool men’s moose socks for hiking

Men's Moose Outlands Socks | Mens

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SockGuy fun Bear Me Socks in black

Men's Bear Me Socks | Mens


Funny jackalope socks for men

Men's Jackalope Socks | Mens

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