Men's Crazy Socks - Z - A

Go insane for any of these cuckoo pairs of crazy socks for men, featuring every out of the box design you can think of. Albert Einstein? Check. Unicorns v. Narwhals? Check. Socks that will bring strangers on the street to tears? Double check. Go berserk over these accessories, and tell the world you are as nutty as a fruitcake i any of these fun styles.

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wine scene awesome novelty socks for men, in wine
wild turkeys awesome animal socks for men, in burnt orange
Tuna Socks | Mens

Tuna Socks | Mens

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Trout Socks | Mens
Triangulate Crew Awesome Wool Sock for Men, in Grey
Cool Novelty Toledo Socks for Men by Stance

Imaginary Creatures