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Smartwool - Z - A

Smartwool socks are renowned for their comfort and quality. How can a sock be "smart?" Oh, let me expound upon the virtues of Smartwool... 

  • 1st - WOOL - is a magical fiber. Natural, renewable, antibacterial, with the ability to control temperature (cooling you down when hot, warming you up when it's cold out) - amazingly, Smartwool removed the itchy barbs! This wool is guaranteed not to itch!
  • 2nd - CONSTRUCTION - these fit like a foot glove. Smartwool added heel support, arch bands, varying levels of cushioning below the foot (to whichever level you desire), sweat evaporating panels... pardon me while I swoon.
  • 3rd - BEAUTY - have you seen their artists' series? Some of these styles are works of art. The Charley Harper series is truly a pleasure to see and wear.
  • 4th - SOCIALLY CONSCIENTIOUS - most Smartwool styles are made in the USA from imported merino wool.

To clean: Turn them inside out and wash them with cool or warm water. Tumble dry on low. We found that when you wash them inside out, it prevents pilling.

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