Men's Famous People Socks - A - Z

Based on this collection of talented famous people, you may think you are looking at Hollywood Boulevard, or the Nobel Prize recipients list… but in realty, it’s an awesome collection of celebrity socks. Whether you were made for the stage or choose to bury your head in books, there is something fun for everyone. From Marilyn Monroe socks to Donald Trump socks with hair, The Sock Drawer has your feet covered in awesome socks.

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socksmith mens hamilton in gold awesome fun socks

Men's Hamilton Socks | Mens


Cool Duke Kahanamoku surfing socks in navy

Men's Duke Legacy Socks | Mens

$8.00 - Regular price $10.00

Lincoln Socks | Mens

Men's Lincoln Socks | Mens


Duke Portrait Socks | Mens

Men's Duke Portrait Socks | Mens

On Sale $8.00 Regular price

Men’s green Frida Kahlo socks with a heart

Men's Frida Heart Socks | Mens

On Sale $7.00 Regular price

Men’s Barack Obama crew socks

Men's Obama Socks | Mens


Cool novelty tesla socks for men, in grey

Men's Tesla Socks | Mens