Why We Love Woven Pear Socks So Much

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cute sloth socks for women by Woven Pear

It’s our extreme pleasure to introduce some beautiful new styles from one of our favorite brands of all time, Woven Pear. If you’re looking for cute, joyful and fun novelty socks that are also of top quality, these are the “pears” for you! Seriously, all of us sock fairies rock these styles on the regular, and we think you’re going to love them, too.

We checked in with our staff here to find out what it is about these socks in particular that makes them so special. Read on to see what the sock fairies say!

I love the patterns, the bright colors, and the cute designs on the bottom!

— Sock Fairy Lindsay


The Designs

Cute collage of strawberry and chopstick sock by Woven Pear

They’re just so dang pretty.

— Sock Fairy Ashley

Well said, Ash. Woven Pear’s socks feature patterns of cute foods, animals, florals and lots of other motifs, from constellations and campfires to nurses and garden gnomes. Although the subject matter can vary a lot, there’s still something really distinctive about the brand’s designs. They’re all very bright and bold, with colors that really pop.

I fell in love with the color palette of Woven Pear. It lends so much positive punch to their designs.

— Sock Fairy Lisa

The brand was founded in 2015 and creates all of its designs in-house. Its modern, trendy look helped the company blow up on social media pretty quickly, and since then, Woven Pear styles have become exclusive must-haves in the novelty sock world.

They’re the kind of novelty socks that also look chic and cool. You can rock these with your most stylish outfits, and they won’t look out of place. Or as one of our sock fairies said, you can style your whole outfit around these cuties!

From someone who never wore socks or planned outfits around their socks, Woven Pear has done this for me! Woven Pear has hands down turned this California sandal girl into a sock LOVER!

— Sock Fairy Brianna

The Quality

Cute hygge pattern socks by Woven Pear

I like the high quality, as they fit really well. They don’t feel cheap. I also like the little pear emblem.

— Sock Fairy Heather

In addition to the adorable appearance of Woven Pear socks, there’s no denying how high their quality level is. These are some of our softest, comfiest styles, made of a 58% woven cotton blend that’s designed to be really stretchy and not slip down. They’re also “dyed and dipped by hand to ensure a unique pop of color,” the brand says.

We like how they have a seamless toe that doesn’t rub at all, and each sock also features the brand’s little embroidered pear logo. They truly feel as great as they look.

I love pairing them with shoes. They’re super comfy, so you can wear them with heeled boots, snug Oxfords, anything.

— Sock Fairy Jennifer

The Giftability

funny womens word socks by Woven Pear

What do you mean “giftability” isn’t a word? Sure it is! Because these socks are super giftable! It feels great to give a gift of such high quality, and these also make a great present because of one special thing hidden on the soles! Let’s have sock fairy Cindy explain …

I just spent a girls’ weekend with old college friends, and I brought them each a special Woven Pear. Slow Down Sloth for “say yes to everyone and everything” Mary. Just Bloom for Kate, who’s going through a separation. Happy Camper for “no regrets” Lisa. They LOVED them!

— Sock Fairy Cindy

Each Woven Pear style features a complementary phrase or pattern on the bottom of the feet, and they are just so great and easy to personalize to your gift recipient. They feel like a special inside joke or secret just for you when you wear them. Many of the phrases are really uplifting, too, like “Shine bright” and “Stand tall.” What a thoughtful, beautiful touch to pass on to a friend or loved one.

Trust Us … You’ve Gotta Try These

If you’re a sock lover and you’ve never owned a “Pear” before, we really think you should try these out. Take a look at these wise words from sock fairy Katie, who is also new to the brand:

I’m sure I will love Woven Pear because Brooke [our sock fairy queen!] chooses to have this brand in her collection. I value Brooke’s choices when it comes to socks. I have confidence that they will be wonderful.  

— Sock Fairy Katie

It’s true. Brooke has been in the sock biz for a while, and she has taught her devoted sock fairies well! If there’s anyone you can trust for advice on great socks, it’s us. And we personally love to wear Woven Pear socks ALL THE TIME.

So what are you waiting for? Shop all the patterns here!

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