What to Do with Orphaned Socks

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A coffee cup with a sleeve made from a pancake novelty sock

Friends, today we gather together to bid farewell to the dearly departed: all the novelty socks that have somehow vanished over the years. The month of May brings National Lost Sock Memorial Day, and while that’s undoubtedly one of the silliest holidays on the calendar, it’s one that’s close to our soles! RIP, lost socks. You will be missed.

No one’s totally sure where socks vanish to, although some seem to get swallowed up by our laundry machines. Maybe they also just got misplaced, or maybe the dog got a hold of ’em. Regardless, we think it’s best to focus on what’s left behind. All these adorable orphaned socks are now single, their partners long gone! And when it comes to crazy cool novelty socks like ours, it really seems like a shame to just throw an orphan away.

So what can we do with these babies? We’ve got some options for you.

  • A coffee cup sleeve: This one couldn’t be much easier. You just need a pair of scissors to snip off the toe, and voila! Slip your adorable sock onto a hot coffee cup to protect your hands. How cute is our version in this pancake pattern?
  • A sweatband: One of our very own sock fairies turned her son’s old novelty socks into sweat bands to wear on the wrist by cutting the toes off, and now all his friends want them, too!
  • A rag alternative: This one seems simple, but it’s really quite effective! Socks are great at collecting dust when cleaning, and you can just slip them over your hand like a mitten and wash them when you’re done. Also if you need to use an ice pack for an injury or sore muscles, swap out a rag or towel for a sock. Just slip the ice pack inside.
  • Car backups: One of our sock fairies recently shared that keeping an extra set of clothes in her car has been a revelation. What a great life pro tip! Keep a few orphaned socks in there for those moments when you get your feet wet in bad weather and need a quick change.
  • An odor eater: Speaking of the car, does yours get stinky thanks to kids or pets? Fill an old sock with baking soda, tie it closed, and toss it in the backseat somewhere. Also perfect for teenagers’ rooms!
  • A hair bun helper: Ladies with long hair will like this one! Make your hair into a perfect bun with the help of a sock with its toe trimmed off. This tutorial shows how.
  • A holiday ornament: Here’s a cool idea from Rachel Ray that’s ideal for Christmas and winter patterns. Get crafty with a styrofoam ball and some ribbon, and boom — you’ve got yourself some adorable seasonal decorations!
  • Fun home decor: Embrace the lost sock thing and make a cute sign for your laundry room like this one. We’re all about adding joy to your life, and decorating a utility room is right up that alley! Hey, maybe you’ll even find the missing socks someday and your pairs can be reunited!
  • Mismatched magic: Last but definitely not least, we challenge you to go mismatched! Put your orphaned socks together to make new combos and see what happens. How much do you wanna bet that you’ll get compliments for being so bold?

That’s it for us! Do you have any cool DIY ideas for orphaned novelty socks?

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