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A woman wearing funny socks with flying pigs on them

Have you ever been out and about, say in line at a coffee shop, and you saw someone wearing something that made you smile? Well here’s a little secret: You can be that person!

There are several reasons to love funny novelty socks, but ultimately it all boils down to the fact that they make people happy. By our count, there are few better feelings in the world than finding a silly pattern you love, then wearing those cool socks out and having someone else flip over them. “Oh my goodness! I LOVE your socks! Those are hilarious!” they say, and then the two of you get all giddy together.

Aside from crazy graphic T-shirts and Halloween costumes, there aren’t a lot of opportunities in fashion to have so much fun. And novelty socks are appropriate in nearly all settings! You can’t wear an offbeat T-shirt to most business meetings, but funny socks? No problem.

In that spirit, we’ve brought together some of the best funny socks in our lineup. We’ve recently reorganized our website with a whole new humor section broken down into a few categories. Here are the best styles from each!

Just Plain Funny Socks

A woman wearing funny "science lab" socks with a dog wearing chemistry safety goggles Funny skateboarding banana socks

Funny TV socks lying on a couch that say, "One more episode" A man wearing funny "seal of approval" socks with a seal giving a thumbs-up

Here we’ve got your classic humor, lots of visual puns and just plain silly stuff. (Folks who like a darker or drier sense of humor, you’re up next!) We’re talking flying pigs, seals of approval, jokes about watching too much Netflix and — of course — skateboarding bananas. They’re like a pick-me-up for your soles! Shop all funny socks here.

Sassy & Snarky Socks

A man wearing funny socks with a rhino that say, "Chubby unicorn" A woman wearing sassy socks that say, "Hi, I Don't Care, Thanks"

Funny men's socks that say, "In dog beers, I've only had one" A woman wearing funny flamingo socks that say, "I don't give a flock"

OK, all you sassy and snarky folks! You’re up! These patterns strike a hilarious chord with sock lovers who “don’t give a flock!” Featuring lots of sarcastic words and phrases, these cool socks are a great choice for anyone with a wry wit. Shop them all here!

Swear Word Socks

Funny women's socks that say, "I'm a delicate fucking flower" Funny sloth socks that say, "Zen AF"

Funny wine socks that say, "Cheers, bitches" Funny men's work socks that say, "This meeting is bullshit"

WARNING! These socks have lots of cuss words on them. If that’s not your thing, no worries. But if you’ve got a bit of a dirty mouth and you’re proud of it, the socks in our swear words collection are for you! Shop them all here ... if you dare!

Nostalgia Socks

A man wearing Bob Ross socks with clouds Funny movie socks with E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Funny Dr. Seuss socks that say, "Sock 1, Sock 2" like Thing 1 and Thing 2 A woman wearing funny Gumby socks

Last up are styles that have a wholly different kind of humor. These socks are funny because of their nostalgia factor. Featuring TV shows, movies, cartoons, books and other motifs from days gone by, the socks in our nostalgia collection just might make you feel like a kid again. It’s a laugh of familiarity, and that’s a great feeling! Shop here.

Of course, these styles are just a few from our women’s and men’s humor collections — there are hundreds more you haven’t seen yet!

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