Who Wants What: Gift Shopping by Personality - 2019 Update!

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A variety of fun novelty socks for different personalities

Oct. 17, 2019, update: New styles galore! We've updated this blog post with new best sellers for every personality. Check out the latest and greatest!

Finding gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be such a challenge. Sure, you can take care of the foodies and the animal lovers easily, but what about all those other personalities who need presents?

We contend that cool socks always make a great gift, and here, we’ve broken them down by personality to make your job just a little easier! Whether you’re shopping for sunny, funny optimists, sarcastic comrades or understated introverts, these socks have you covered!

With Christmas and other winter holidays fast approaching, we suggest you check these out soon. And if you happen to see your own personality here, it can’t hurt to pick up a gift for yourself!

The Optimist

A variety of funny novelty socks

These are socks for the person who’s always wearing a smile — bright, perky and fun! We’re all about adding joy to our lives any way we can, and novelty socks are such a perfect way to do that. So many fun sock lovers tend to be optimistic folks, and it’s easy to see why. How can you not feel cheerful looking at these socks for optimists?

The Pessimist

Funny novelty socks

Hm, what do you get the pessimist? How about something just a little bit snarky and sarcastic? For that, you’ve got to look to our collection of sarcastic, sassy socks for pessimists. These hilarious socks are just right for the woman or man on your list who has a lot of attitude! We’ve also thrown in some naughty pairs of Christmas socks here for the Scrooges you know.

The Introvert

Cute socks for introverts

Shopping for the kind of person who would rather curl up at home with a pet, a good book or a video game than socialize all evening? We totally get it. These cute and cozy socks for introverts are just right for a night in.

The Type A Personality


Crazy socks for Type A personalities


Bold personalities need bold socks! These cool styles are all about confidence, perfect for all those amazing go-getters, feminists, tough dudes and others out there who proudly live with purpose and ambition!

The Explorer


A variety of cool novelty socks


For folks who feel constant curiosity and wanderlust, these fun socks are the perfect fit. Whether they’re out exploring the wilderness or deep in thought exploring the depths of their imaginations, they’re bound to love these cool patterns that help broaden their style horizons. We even threw some make-believe patterns in here just for fun! Who doesn't love unicorns and Bigfoot?

The Creative


Cool art socks


Shopping for someone who’s really into art, music or culture? These socks speak to the creative soul ... or sole? You get it. These are great for crafters, artists, musicians and consummate appreciators.

Still haven’t found just the right sock style? Check out all of our gift guides! They're full of great ideas that your friends and family will love. Plus, be sure to sign up for our  to find out about sales and other news throughout the holiday season!

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  • Hi Annese! That’s a good question. Some of our sock styles do have threads inside, which is how many novelty patterns are produced, but we can’t say that our customers have ever reported those threads as itchy. The fibers are typically a soft cotton blend, which most people seem to be OK with. That said, we know that fun patterns don’t mean much if your feet aren’t comfy! If you’re particularly sensitive to loose threads, we encourage you to reach out to us before you buy. Call our sock fairies at (800) 930-0955 and we can hand-check any pairs you’re interested in and let you know what they’re like inside.

    Thank you so much for your question, and have a great day!

    The Sock Drawer on

  • Yes, Cynthia! Some donkeys wearing glasses, possibly? You must be referring to the Smart Ass socks! https://sockdrawer.com/products/mens-socksmith-smart-ass-crew-socks

    The Sock Drawer on

  • Does the inside have lots of itchy thread?

    Annese on

  • did I see a pair with donkeys or mules in the video?

    Cynthia K Elmore on

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