Celebrating Our Earth in Nature Socks

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Men's socks that say "Not all who wander are lost" lying on a map

Celebrating Our Earth in Nature Socks

Happy Earth Day! We sock fairies love the outdoors, and we especially love rocking the beautiful patterns of nature on our feet wherever we go. If you consider yourself a conservationist or an appreciator of Mother Nature’s creation, check out these fun pairs!

Nature Patterns

These are some of our absolute favorite women’s and men’s styles featuring the great outdoors. Of course, we also recommend you check out our animal socks, too!

A Funny Twist

These styles are also all about nature, but they’re for those of you out there with a slightly more offbeat sense of humor!

Buzzing Bees

We can’t mention Earth Day without mentioning Mother Nature’s little worker bee! We have so many awesome bee socks for women that we thought you might like.


If you’re the outdoorsy type, then you should know about our collection of socks from Smartwool, one of our favorite brands. These high-end wool socks are ideal for outdoor activities because they wick away moisture and are super durable. Most of our Smartwool styles are a thinner blend, which makes them great for summertime and casual wear, too. Plus, Smartwool is super committed to sustainability, making them a great choice on Earth Day!

Conservation Efforts

A pair of novelty socks lying on a recyclable mailing envelope
Here’s one of our eco-friendly mailing envelopes made of recycled materials.

Of course, Earth Day isn’t just about wearing amazing sock styles! It’s also about protecting this place we all love so much. Down at The Sock Drawer headquarters, we’ve been making some recent efforts to be more green.

This past fall, we switched over to eco-friendly shipping envelopes. They’re made of recycled materials, they are recyclable themselves, and they also have a second adhesive strip inside so all you customers out there could reuse them just as they are. We ship out thousands of packages a year, so we are really proud of this change.

We’ve also made several other small changes at our bustling warehouse. We switched from single-use coffee pods back to a good ol’ coffee pot, we added a larger recycling can to our kitchen area and little cans around the warehouse, and we’ve been sprucing up an outdoor space with native plants.

We believe small efforts can add up to big results, and we encourage you to consider your own impact on our environment and what daily changes you could make! Check out this helpful guide from the Earth Day Network for ideas on how you can take action.


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