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Don't Eat Anything With a Face

January 30, 2015

Vegetarians and vegans have coined the saying, "Don't eat anything with a face."  Makes sense, right?  Well, The Sock Drawer is here to throw you for a loop.  Check out these friendly food socks: Starting with our smiling peanut butter and jelly, in children's and women's sizes.  It'll be like you're sending your kid to school with little healthy friends all over their feet.  A while back, one of our wee customers saw this sock in the store and told me I should make my PBJ's with not just bread, but indeed TOAST.  Genius. Sock It To Me "PB&J"// Socksmith "PB&J"*Please check all ingredients to be sure they're vegan and not just vegetarian.  Watch out for that gelatin in the jelly, it'll sneak up... Continue Reading →

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